Church Of England Primary Academy

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PE Impact Statement 2015 - 16


  • All children’s skills were developed to the full in a variety of PE activities and sports. It has also increased their confidence.


  • Maximum participation throughout the school has been achieved.


  • All year groups have received high quality coaching from an expert coach to develop their skills in many sports and activities.


  • Children have participated in team games developing teamwork and promoting good sportsmanship.


  • All pupils have been given the chance to represent their school in competitions with local and private schools in A, B, C and D teams to increase maximum participation in competitive sports.


  • Gifted and talented pupils were able to compete against other children of similar abilities.


  • All children were given the chance to attend festivals and other non-competitive activities.


  • All children participated in ‘Healthy Week’ gaining knowledge to keep their bodies active and healthy. They learnt why their bodies needed a healthy and active lifestyle and what they could do to improve theirs.


  • Excellent equipment has allowed more sports being accessed by all children throughout school.


  • PE subject leader has had release time to monitor and evaluate PE throughout the school.


  • Staff have attended training to support and develop their teaching.


  • Teachers have been able to observe and learn new skills to teach.


  • Physical education has been made creative and exciting giving teachers confidence and skills to deliver outstanding PE.


  • Subject leader has monitored and evaluated coaches from All Out Sports.