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Robinwood 2017


What a fantastic first day we have had here at Robinwood. It started with the children making their beds; I’ve never seen anything quite like it! Let’s just say, the majority of the children were nowhere to be seen as they were so lost inside the covers!

After a yummy lunch the children began their exciting activities. So far the children have experienced Trapeze, Alien Conspiracy, Climbing, Archery and the terrifying Piranha Pool! In all groups, the children have shown great perseverance and challenge- they have all achieved something they should be proud of and it’s only day one!

The children are, as always, doing Tockwith proud. Their behaviour and enthusiasm is absolutely brilliant and I’m a very proud teacher! After a delicious tea, we are all off to ‘Team Challenge’ and a hot chocolate before bed.

Please keep up to date with what’s going on via twitter @tockwithprimary where all the updates will be!

Miss Hargreaves :)

Good afternoon here at Robinwood on day 2!

As the children are having snack time I thought I’d give you a quick update on the day so far! The children have today taken part in Bouldering, Climbing, Dungeon of Doom, Nightline and Crate Challenge. The children again showed unbelievable amounts of perseverance and kept on smiling when they were in their stretch zone. Well done to all!

My favourite part of the day was during Nightline when I was able to be ‘Squirrel Wee Master’! As the children were completing the obstacle course with goggles on, I was able to squirt them with the water! Lots of ‘ewww’ and ‘ahhhh WEE!’ could be heard. Comedy gold!

Mr Loach said that he was so impressed with Hill groups climbing efforts as they all managed to climb to the top of the climbing wall to squeak the duck! He mentioned how during bouldering the children managed to squeeze through all the tight holes, including toilet u-bend! All with a smile on their faces- well done team Hill!


Mr Gray and Mrs Temple’s highlight of the day was Dungeon of Doom where all the children were petrified! Let’s just say, their ear drums took a battering! All children ran out of the activity screaming and told me ‘it’s the scariest thing ever’ and ‘we beat the Dungeon Master!’- Great teamwork shown and they all really stretched themselves. Proud of you all team Wood!